Protecting Farmland and Natural Areas

In Dodge and Jefferson Counties

The Drumlin Area Land Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to preserving rural and natural areas in the Drumlin Area of South-Central Wisconsin.  Drumlin Area Land Trust is locally based and works in the Dodge County- Jefferson County area.  The Land Trust is funded by memberships, donations and grants.  Our activities are run by volunteers.  Members of the Board of Directors and committees are community residents dedicated to land preservation.

Message from the president:

Drumlin Area Land Trust is committed to preserving essential wildlife habitat and protecting agricultural acres.  We are proud of past projects and are looking forward to new land protection projects.  We are grateful to all of our landowners and donors that make all of our projects successful.

Drumlin Area Land Trust is a member of Gathering Waters and Land Trust Alliance.

Drumlin Area Land Trust adopted Land Trust Standards and Practices as the ethical and technical guidelines for land trusts developed by the Land Trust Alliance.



Drumlin Area Land Trust Mission

Drumlin Goals are:

To preserve working farms and forests;

To protect water resources

Conserve natural lands and critical wildlife habitat areas

Provide perpetual stewardship for lands held in trust

Work cooperatively with individuals, organizations and local governments for land preservation.